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Sydney Restaurant Guide with Video - Menus, Recipes, Food Cruises

Sydney Food TV is a restaurant guide with a difference, it has all the usual things including menu's, maps and stunning pictures, but where Sydney Food TV differs from all the other guide's is that we provide a full screen video, including an interview with the chef or owner, which is designed to help you make up your own mind, if you would like to dine at each particular restaurant.

The Video or TV feature as we like to call it, shows the viewer what goes on behind the scenes at all our restaurants. It shows you the chefs in action, and it captures the ambiance and the feel of the restaurant like no other guide can. You can also witness for yourself the beautiful views, the decor and see the food that is being delivered to the guests.

This guide is a chance for the restaurant owners and head chefs to express what they are trying to achieve with the restaurant, the menu, the decor and the service. Instead of listening to someone else's opinion, this guide gives you a chance to make up your own mind for a change.

If you are interested in food and Sydney's restaurant scene you will get an interesting insight on what goes on behind the scenes at some of Sydney's finest restaurants. You never know you may pick up some cooking tips along the way. If you are interest interested in Sydney food cruises, or cruises in general, visit