There are 4 positions on each article available for sponsorship:

  • Product placement - forms part of the scripted article. It will include a sponsor's product prominently placed within the article in context. This form of sponsorship runs indefinitely and last as long as the article lasts.
  • Banner - Appears on the title page of the article towards the top right.It can include the sponsor's logo and a link to the sponsor's website.
  • Lead in - is a 5 second spot at the beginning of the article "Proudly brought to you by sponsor name" with display of sponsor logo.
  • Lead out - is a 5 second spot at the end of the article similar to the lead in.

Lead in and lead out advertising can be designed by you, with either stills or video with voice-over and or music. Or you can provide us with your logo and we can do it for you.


Interested in sponsoring an article? Sponsoring an article is a great way to get exposure for your products or company. The lead in and lead out are guaranteed to be watched every time the article is run, this is real attention, akin to television advertising. A product placement gives you real time exposure and association with the restaurant and the banner ad at the bottom gives the viewer a chance to click through to your site, something that television advertising doesn't have. This is simply internet advertising at its very best.

Sponsorship program

Our sponsorship program allows you to choose a restaurant you want to be associated with and choose from a range of advertising from a banner ad to product placement within the article. Our sponsorship program beats every other form of advertising.

Compare to broadcast television advertising

Broadcast television advertising is widely regarded as the best form of advertising, combining vision and sound it is very effective in relaying a message both consciously and subliminally, however with remote controls, digital recording, pausing live television and fast forwarding through ads, most ads are unseen by most people watching the programs. There is no way of telling how may people actually watched the ad, and the cost is vastly prohibitive.

  • Our ads are short and unobtrusive
  • People choose to watch the article - they must watch the ad
  • Tracking how many people watch the ad is easy on the Internet
  • The costs are very competitive
  • With a banner ad backing up the video ads, viewers can easily get access to your site and learn more about your products

Compare to other Internet advertising

There are many advantages to Internet advertising, it can be better targeted, and more interactive, once a viewer sees your ad they can click and find out more information on your products from your website,in fact many multinationals are spending more of their advertising dollars on internet advertising every year, however other types of internet advertising can be largely avoided or can annoy people to the point of not going back to the site.

  • All of our advertising is watched by everyone who chooses to view the article
  • We currently estimate the 500,000 people will watch each article
  • The lead ins and lead outs are purposely kept short to avoid being annoying

Association with restaurants

The sponsor receives excellent value for money and gains recognition for being associated with the restaurants of their choice.

A product placement is especially good in this regard, just one shot carefully scripted within the article can say so much about a product. For example; if we showed a shot of a De Costi seafood van, when the chef was talking about his fresh produce it can say "De Costi's seafood must be good, because this chef/restaurant uses their seafood, and they insist on the freshest produce".